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Skinny Jeans Starts Monday Sept 18th

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Skinny Jeans Starts Monday Sept 18th

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Look and Feel Great in 2017 Get ready to drop 2 sizes in 8 short weeks with CW's Signature Body Transformation Challenge! The New Year is coming and now is YOUR time to get back into your fitness lifestyle with accountability, community, results, support and fun! There is no better program to get you into your Skinny Jeans you have tucked away!

What You Get and What to Expect

Motivation. Accountability. 

This program is designed to teach you how to make fitness a lifestyle.

Workout Journal & Support Materials

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and make a powerful combo when it comes to achieving results! Studies have shown that people who write down what they eat stay on track longer and achieve better results than those who "think" they know what they've been eating.

Private Facebook Group and Weekly Support Emails

Stay focused and on track with support outside the gym! Our private Facebook page will allow you to stay in contact with all the women who are on this journey with you. We can share struggles, successes and stories! The weekly emails will outline program goals and what you need to do rock those Skinny Jeans. 

16 Skinny Jeans Workouts

Written specifically for this challenge, these progressive workouts are designed to transform your body and challenge you more and more each week. You need to attend a Tuesday and Saturday workout at whatever time best fits your schedule. 

Mondays 9:30 am and 6:00 pm * Wednesday 9:30 am and 6:00 pm

8 Small Group Training Workouts

Small Group Training is a strength training workout that will have you building strength and educating you on proper strength training techniques. Small Group Training takes the thinking out of what you need to do when you are in the gym. These workouts are scheduled on your time.

Carolina Woman Alloy Training App

Track your workouts your food and receive in home and gym workouts you can do anywhere. This system will allow our coaches to see your effort and guide you to success. 


8 Weeks Access to WWC Team Training and Group Exercise Classes
If you are looking for some extra workouts and to make the most out of this challenge, you can jump into our Foundations/Team Training sessions that fit your schedule. If you don't currently have Team Training as part of your membership, we will give you a temporary card or ask us about upgrading. Full gym access is also available to those of you who are not members, including our comprehensive group exercise program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skinny Jeans Challenge

What's so different about doing this challenge rather than another weight-loss program?

It is completely different. This approach leads to long-term results, rather than a quick fix. Too many women have spent a lifetime being a slave to the scale, giving that metal, inanimate object way too much power over what kind of day they will have. We have found using strength training as a priority for your workouts will get you down two sizes faster than anything. 

The catch is, the scale becomes a very unreliable indicator of your progress. When you gain lean body mass, boosting your metabolism and helping you to burn off fat, completely reinventing your body, the scale might not show this, but your clothes will.

Do I need to be in shape? What if I have never worked out? 

NOPE!! It's our job to get you back on track towards fitness success! All of our workouts are designed with multiple fitness levels in mind! 

What exactly is involved with this program? 

This program is about educating you on a fitness and nutrition lifestyle that will allow you to continue to be successful long after the program has ended. This isn't a crazy fad thing, it's you making little changes to how you eat and changing the way you work your body out. 

You're going to workout 2x per week in the the Skinny Jeans Challenge sessions and record all the food you eat everyday. It's that easy! The CW coaches will guide you throughout the entire process - Every step of the way. 

What is the success rate? 

Success rate is over 90% for those completing our challenges. Attend the workouts, follow the nutrition guidelines and have fun! 

Do I have to pick a workout time? 
You need to be able to commit to attending the Skinny Jeans workouts that take place on Monday and Wednesdays. You don't have to commit to a specific time. Just Scheduled at one of these times:  

Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 am and 6:00 pm

Can my friend do it with me? Can she workout at the gym anytime during Skinny Jeans? 

Of course! Working out with a friend increases your chance at fitness success! You can help keep each other stay motivated and on track! And yes she can workout throughout the entire 8 weeks at CW

Is there a diet plan? 

NO! We help you make changes to the way you are currently eating by suggesting every week little changes you should be making. Is this a backwards way of approaching nutrition? Not to us! If we told you to stop eating everything you eat right now it would overwhelm you. Little changes = better long term success!

So What Are You Waiting For ...

Now is the perfect time to make a change! We only have 30 spots available - So don't delay in making this decision!  


** Payment Plans Available. Call for Details **

Members and Non-Members Welcome! 

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